A little while ago during one of our previous blog episodes, someone on twitter by the name of GeekOut SouthWest (@geekoutsw) commented that I should try face painting on myself! And of course as you do, you never say no to a challenge! Continue reading

Love is in the air! Well if it is its about to be destroyed! Ha ha! You may have stumbled across this because you are A) Getting pregnant B) Pregnant C) Bored.  Either way as some of you may or may not know I do indeed have a little baby boy and I have decided to share with you some of the trials and tribulations that you will face once your little bundle of joy comes along! Dont worry though its not me telling you Continue reading

So I didnt plan an Epic Movie Fail, but in my head, which is a very busy and random place, I had this idea for a simple yet effective short film. It would combine action and comedy as well as a little special effect magic. The more I thought Continue reading

Today we have decided to give something back and have a little look at what some of our fans have had to say about our videos. Of course not all of them will Continue reading

In todays episode of The Real Mcphoney blog I decided to try and introduce you to our amazing baby boy, the one and only Master Felix. However little did I know Continue reading

Thats right another week has passed already which means its time for a post from one of your favorite video bloggers! In todays episode we look at six simple and funny ways to win any Continue reading

Well it wasn’t what we were expecting when we started this blog, but of course its always nice to know that some people appreciate our work! And so on this particular day we were rather surprised when we found a small gift Continue reading

This guy attempts to put make up on – you wont believe the results! Yep thats right this week on The Real Mcphoney Blog we delve into the hidden treasures that is the world of make up! A world full of Continue reading

Yes thats right folks, today begins a new era here at mcphoney as we shall now be starting a weekly video blog! Not the most original thing we know but with the increasing time restraints making it harder Continue reading

 We return to our faithful kitchen once again, this time with our own original recipe! This episode of Cooking with Uncle Joe however has a few differences that our regular viewers may notice. For example we have dropped the not so popular Continue reading
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