Got your fireworks at the ready? Bonfire ready to go? Well just before you light your fuse I thought it was time to have a little look at why we actually play around with explosives and flammables every year on the 5th Novemeber! Of course for some of you people out there Continue reading

How to make Pull Apart Garlic Pizza Bread! Yes hes here, the one and only Uncle Joe and this week he is showing you this fantastic recipe which is a mixture of two of the best foods around! Pizza and Garlic bread! Not only will this feed Continue reading

Back to the future – The films, the facts, the truths! Thats right as it is back to the future day of course we couldnt resist doing a Back to the Future Blog special! So here it is! We look back at one of the greatest trilogys Continue reading

How to void the carrier bag charge? Impossible? No actually its quite simple! So this week on the Real Mcphoney Blog I take a look at what is happening on the streets since the introduction of the plastic bag charge now being pushed in all supermarkets and large shops on the high street! Now as you may know there has been some up-roar Continue reading

Anyone fancy a brew? Or a cuppa? Those are the famous or in some cases infamous words that can be heard in pretty much every household! And why not, there is always time for tea! Or coffee for that matter! Who doesnt like tea? Tea comes in so many varieties these days, from peppermint to pizza flavour! Ok maybe not pizza but it Continue reading

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