Now im not one of those people who likes to moan. Ok not moan a lot. But this week has been unbelievable. And not in a good way either. You name it, it went wrong! From work, to personal life it was just the week Continue reading

Thats right folks you did read the title correctly and this week that is exactly what I’m going to show you. Well not just me, in fact im teaming up with a very well-known Youtuber (with over 4 thousand subscribers) called Stephen who goes by the channel name THE MAN WITH THE HAT! Now you may have already seen Stephen Continue reading

Ok it was a long wait…a long, long wait I know. I apologise. But the waiting is now over and here are the answers to all your wonderful questions. Thats right I am talking about the QandA I promised a little over 3 months ago. 3 months!! Yes it was not inteneded Continue reading

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