Ok it was a long wait…a long, long wait I know. I apologise. But the waiting is now over and here are the answers to all your wonderful questions. Thats right I am talking about the QandA I promised a little over 3 months ago. 3 months!! Yes it was not inteneded to be that long in between the two videos however life just suddenly got busy! Still that is no excuse and once again I am sorry for making you wait so long! Just incase you forgot the previous video I am talking about can be seen here:

Also the good news is that the prize winner will also be announced as well. Prize winner? Yes thats right because the question that recived the most likes is going to win a little goody bag of prizes! Dont get me wrong they are nothing like an 80inch 4k Smart Ultra Thin Tv or anything, but still some good little prizes especially for any tech geek fans out there!!! Get comfortable before watching because I was overwelmed by the amount of questions that actually got sent in which however unfortunately makes this quite a long video! But honestly thank you so much for all your responces and I hope I have answered them all in full too! Of course if not then please just let me know! But sit back and relax and let us begin the QandA!!!

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