So there I was, sitting around as usual when suddenly I got a very unxepected email. And guess who it was from??? YOUTUBE THEMSELVES! Ok not exactly Mr Youtube but one of the Creator Managers who basically explained that Youtube have noticed the increase in popularity of my youtube channel and would like to speak to me on a one to one basis about making my channel even bigger and better! Exciting stuff eh? Well the phone call came and went and it was a great honour to speak to a member of Youtube and of course be recognised for the effort I attempt to put into my channel! Still that was that and life continued as normal! Until not long later another email arrived inviting me to the first ever Youtube Creators Day in Manchester!! I litrally couldnt believe it! Now Youtube Creators Days happen all the time but only in London and so to have a chance to be at the first one outside of the usual location was fantastic! Plus it gave me the opportunity to speak to other youtubers, the stars of youtube and of course the manging team behind youtube. What a awesome time indeed! So what actually happneed? Well just watch the video and see!! 🙂

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