Thats right folks, a new directors cut version of the classic short film Two Many is now available! There is a substantial difference that should be easily noticed by fans of the classic including a new widescreen (16:9) presentation, a new soundtrack and of course the actual re-edit of the film itself! It has been a long over due project to get a new, complete version of Two Many out for viewers to see and although we were very pleased with the original version we felt that a slightly polished and up to date edit should be made to bring new light onto this short (and nearly ten year old) film! All feedback welcome! Enjoy!


(WARNING SPOILERS) The original Two Many was actually created back in 2006 as part of a Media course in the Liverpool Community College Arts Centre. The objective of the course was to produce a short film of your choice using what knowledge and skills you had picked up throughout the year. Part of the drawbacks with this production was of course the lack of budget as there literally wasn’t any! And so we went about to try and keep the idea as cheap as possible to make. No guns, no explosions unfortunately! As for the initial idea for the script, it was actually created back to front with the ending visualized first. This came about whilst listening to the highly acclaimed Alien 3 soundtrack by composer Eliot Goldenthal (which featured heavily in the original cut) and the slow zoom shot of the security camera at the end of the film was visioned and the rest of the story was created around that. Thats when we realised we could have a simple story-line of two people who begin to argue and then cut to a security camera POV to give the audience a nice twist at the end.
We then had to try and find a location and luckily the Community College Arts Centre had the perfect one. An old editing suite that had the look of a holding cell. It even came with a small, viewing window which helped make the room look even more believable because the window looked more like a security viewer for someone to keep an eye on whatever was going on in the cell.
After the script was finished casting was quickly done and a filming date (around early March 2006) was scheduled. Unfortunately however one of the actors portraying the main protagonist was unable to film on the day of shooting (he had good reasons) and that is when Alexander Williams who was initially directing the small project had to take on the lead role as well. Luckily because of the team involved with the project this did not cause much of a problem, and we set out to get filming done as best as we possibly could.
After the short was completed in terms on filming it was then off to the editing suite to hopefully see if the project worked. And as you know…it did!  Initial feedback from the class was mostly positive and personally we were very happy with the finished film too.
Years later however it was decided to see if we could re-edit the film to take away all copyrighted material and give the short a fresh lease of life. First of all we found the new soundtrack provided by Kevin MacLeod at and then went about seeing what should be kept and what should be removed in the finished production. As originally stated we decided to make the film black and white to help bring the depression our main protagonist is feeling out more for the audience to feel too. (This is no happy film)! A major edit of the film removed from the directors cut was the scene of the guard running in to try and stop our character killing himself. This was because we felt it broke up the pace of the film and actually added a point of escapism for our main character, almost as though help was on its way – and that is what we didn’t want. Our character is alone, and fighting his demons alone.
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