The Directors Cut

The Original Cut

Two Many is a short psychological thriller starring Rik Curtis and Alexander Williams. Filmed on a Sony PD150 Professional Camera this was the first production to feature a cast AND crew and was filmed at The Arts Center in Liverpool in March 2006. The original story line came about whilst hearing a piece of music from the Alien 3 soundtrack (by acclaimed music composer Elliot Goldenthal) and so a script was completed based on that brief idea. The original film was not supposed to star Alexander Williams as he was directing but unfortunately one of the main actors had to drop out at the last minute and so Alex took the role as he was still able to direct whilst doing this. The main differences between the original and Directors cut versions of the short is that of the soundtrack and the (obvious) colour removal. The original version contained copyrighted music and so it was decided a Directors Cut would be released showing what the film would be like if only non-copyrighted material was available. The reason behind making it black and white as well (the directors cut) was to give the film a more of a psychological and displacement feel which some viewers said was lost in the original colour version of the film. But of course they are now both here for you to watch so you can make your own decision on which cut is the best! Enjoy!

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