Yes thats right folks, here begins our weekly video blog! Not the most original thing we know but with the increasing time restraints making it harder and harder to produce videos we have thought of a way to keep you entertained as well as keep our annoying face on the internet scene! The video blog will consist of general discussions and thoughts on what may be going on in the world (or in our heads) with some added random ‘goings on’ thrown in for good measure! Of course there are a LOT of video blogs out there so adding our own to the ever increasing list is kind of a step in the wrong direction, however with production for each daily blog consuming very little time, we are able to produce a lot of them not only for your enjoyment – but for ours too! We will still however be producing short films – with the occasional recipe and review video too so dont be worrying. Basically its more videos on a more frequent measure! What more could you ask for! So sit back and (hopefully) enjoy our video blogging journey!