This version of The Man Who Knew Too Much is a remastered version. The film itself remains the same however titles, music and sound effects have been added to give the film a more atmospheric feel. Enjoy!

The Man Who Knew Too Much is the first chapter in The Men Who Knew Too Much Trilogy and the very first film made in conjunction with C+A Productions. The idea for the film was formed By Alexander Williams and Chris Evans during a visit to Suffolk, England back in summer 2004. Armed with a slightly faulty Hi-8 Video Camera (more on that shortly), Chris and Alex came up with the basic story line of a protagonist on the run and being chased by someone or something. (It was not known what by this point)! During the production there was no editing equipment available and so the film was shot in relation to the time line of the script. And if a mistake was made during filming, the entire film would have to be re-shot! Unfortunately (going back to the faulty camera ), it was not realized until viewing the completed film that each time a shot was finished and the ‘stop’ button was pressed on the camera, the tape was actually being rewound a few seconds and thus recording over the final moments of the previous scene. However after the official viewing amongst friends and the receipt of positive feedback, it was decided that this would not be the last film from C&A Productions.

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