Star Wars Sphero BB8 Droid is here! And so is our full HD unboxing and review, but is he the droid you are looking for? As you may have seen through various social media sites that the new Star Wars toy range is now becoming availableand one of the most talked about is the App Enabled BB8 Droid by Sphero. At an asking price of around £130 ($150) we have decided to give him a run for his money and to test wether he really is worth it. Bookmakers favourite to be the christmas number one present, check out our full unboxing, review and demo before you decide to split with your cash! Enjoy!


Move along R2-D2™ there’s a new Droid™ in town. Meet BB-8… he’s as cute as a button and he’s stolen our hearts. Sure he’s small but there’s more personality in his spherical body than a Han Solo family get-together.

Easy to control, you can move this app-enabled Droid with your phone, tablet or voice. His movements are authentic and you’ll never tire of watching him roll about with style. Of course, there’s an entire Galaxy out there and BB-8 is keen to explore it for himself. His impressive autonomous behaviour allows him to discover his surroundings independently.

Based on your interactions he’ll react accordingly and show a wide range of expressions. Not only that but he’ll recognise and react to your voice! Despite his loyalty, he’s not just an obedient play-thing, oh no, this little fellow has a mind of his own and will grow and develop a unique personality the more you interact with him.

The future is really here because with BB-8 you can record and watch holographic recordings through the FREE app. He projects your videos messages and pleas for help on any surface of any planet you explore together on your adventures.

Regardless of the terrain he’s travelling on or the obstacles in his way his CP-30esque intelligence and sturdy design ensure that he’s the perfect sidekick to map the Star Wars™ universe with!

BB-8 is more than a toy, he’s a companion (a very clever and agile companion!)



  • BB-8 Reacts and responds to your voice
  • Record and view your own holographic videos
  • Has a mind of his own and will explore the Star Wars galaxy alongside you!
  • Inductive Charging Base – BB-8 uses an electromagnetic field to wirelessly recharge his batteries
  • He has an engaging personality with legendary loyalty. It makes him the perfect sidekick
  • App-enabled guidance with voice interaction! Control him with your phone, tablet or voice box
  • Extremely agile and exceptionally durable to traverse all kinds of terrain and obstacles
  • BB-8 is this year’s must-have Star Wars Droid gift
  • Hes waterproof too
  • Much more than a toy, he’s a companion
  • Makes authentic BB-8 noises
  • Official Star Wars Merchandise


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