The Smartomi Sport Wireless earphones are to simply put it – PERFECT! Although the price may make some people skeptical of their quality, it shouldn’t. The build and sound quality of these headphones is truly amazing. The best thing for me as well is how light and comfortable they are. In the past with wireless earphones they have become rather uncomfortable after a short while or they keep falling out whilst I was moving around. However that has not been an issue with Smartomi Era Sport Headphones. They are lightweight yet with a solid and stylish build and of course very sturdy. Upon opening the box to review these headphones, I was aware that the outer silicone ear piece felt very flexible, almost too flexible however this is what makes them so lightweight and extremely comfortable and they are honestly the most comfortable wireless, headphones I have ever used.

The ease of use was second to none. I was using these with my phone and tablet, (yes thats¬†right you can connect them to two devices at the same time) however being truly honest I mainly just used them with my phone. Simply turn on my bluetooth and then hold down the earphones out ear on button for a few second and it notifies you that it is “powered on” with both a voice and beep before quickly pairing with my phone in a matter of seconds and once again notifying you with a confirmation voice letting you know that it is “connected”.


Battery life was also truly astounding. Now dont get me wrong as Im not an expert when it comes to wireless headphones, but I have had a lot of them and the battery life for these wireless headphones is remarkable. On such a small charge of 1-2 hours, it easily lasted me a couple of days. But it does state that it is up to 10 hours playback time from a single charge. However not once did I go to use them and find the battery life had depleted thanks to its 300 hours standby time. Dont get me wrong I did have to charge them but it wasn’t a burden before every use and luckily for me they never ran out whilst I was not far a charging port. (USB).

It rained pretty much every day whilst I was running with these wireless headphones on and I was worried that they may eventually break due to water damage. But, they didnt. They have an XPX4 water resistant rating and although I wasn’t running in any tropical rainstorms, they are obviously built to keep a certain amount of water out which is very important for those of use who do get sweaty!

Receiving calls was a nice feature too as there was no problem with the sound quality on either end of the call. Some wireless earphones (particularly ear buds) have lacked in the quality of sound received on a phone call compared to the music played. Plus it helps having the 33ft range so I could carry on basically hands free whilst talking to my loved ones. Dont worry there is an option to reject a call too with the simple press of a button!

To sum up the Smartomi Wireless Sport headphones are everything that I wanted but failed to find in the past. Perfect sound (That can go very loud too) sharp bass, stylish to look at and my favorite of all – comfortable. These are a must for anyone who is looking to purchase a pair of sport headphones without having to break the bank. They do what they say they do – only better.


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