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Ok im not going to prison so dont worry. But i really am…or was a murderer. Ok on TV I was portraying a suspected murderer. Yes thats right I was haunting your tv sets once more and this time playing a very large role in the New Series of the popular television programme Crimes That Shook Britain! Now by the time you are reading this the programme will have already aired however do not worry as I shall Continue reading

So there I was, sitting around as usual when suddenly I got a very unxepected email. And guess who it was from??? YOUTUBE THEMSELVES! Ok not exactly Mr Youtube but one of the Creator Managers who basically explained that Youtube have noticed the increase in popularity of my youtube channel and would like to speak to me on a one to one basis about making my channel even bigger and better! Exciting stuff eh? Well the phone call came Continue reading

We all love food dont we? Plus it helps us kind of survive too! But what are the funniest foods to eat? When I say funny I mean what makes your face turn inside out, your stomach want to release its insides and of course your eyes water? Well in this weeks blog I intend to explore just that by eating Continue reading

Got your fireworks at the ready? Bonfire ready to go? Well just before you light your fuse I thought it was time to have a little look at why we actually play around with explosives and flammables every year on the 5th Novemeber! Of course for some of you people out there Continue reading

How to make Pull Apart Garlic Pizza Bread! Yes hes here, the one and only Uncle Joe and this week he is showing you this fantastic recipe which is a mixture of two of the best foods around! Pizza and Garlic bread! Not only will this feed Continue reading

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