Christmas films are the best! Some make you laugh, some make you cry but they all remind you of that one thing…CHRISTMAS! Which is usually a happy time so what better way to enjoy some happy family memories than with a classic christmas movie!!! Of course its Continue reading

Yes as promised here is the full episode of Crimes That Shook Britian that is starring yours truley! Unfortunately it is not the greatest quality (aka not HD) but the best I could do for you! As stated in my previous post I play the character of John Cannan, a prime suspect in the dissapearence of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh. Now just to warn you, although I am in it as a featured role, unfortunately you will not actually Continue reading

Ok im not going to prison so dont worry. But i really am…or was a murderer. Ok on TV I was portraying a suspected murderer. Yes thats right I was haunting your tv sets once more and this time playing a very large role in the New Series of the popular television programme Crimes That Shook Britain! Now by the time you are reading this the programme will have already aired however do not worry as I shall Continue reading