Ok, so I’m hoping a lot of you people out there already know that I’m from Liverpool (in England) however I bet you didn’t know that all my life I have been told that I don’t have much of an accent. So lets just try to imagine what I would be like, still me but being a Continue reading

Well who would have thought it eh? 1000 subscribers!! WE HAVE DONE IT! Yes I did say “we” even though there is only me here, however I am here at this goal because of you! Yes you! Without you wonderful subscribers Continue reading

This week Im here with a Tech Review and today we are looking at the RAVPOWER EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER. For those of you on the go or for someone who always needs somewhere to charge their phone tyou will be pleased to hear that this beast can charge up to two devices at once! If you have any questions Continue reading

It’s amazing how smart you think you are until you are put to the test! And that’s exactly what I’m doing this week! However this is a general knowledge quiz like no other because today I’ll be answering questions that are designed for the average 15-year-old! Sounds easy Continue reading