Yes as promised here is the full episode of Crimes That Shook Britian that is starring yours truley! Unfortunately it is not the greatest quality (aka not HD) but the best I could do for you! As stated in my previous post I play the character of John Cannan, a prime suspect in the dissapearence of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh. Now just to warn you, although I am in it as a featured role, unfortunately you will not actually hear me speak as the reconstruction is based on witness’ accounts of what happened. For example, they cannot state that John said this or Suzy said that because they have no physical proof that happened! Still with the release of this episode opf Crimes That Shook Britain there is some hope that it may in fact remind people of the days leading up to and around the dissapearence and you never know but may shed some new light on to what actually happened to Suzy. If you just wish to see some of the main bits starring myself then you can skip to the 24:50 mark of the video. It was a great honour to be chosen to play the part of John Cannan and I was just like to express my thanks to the production team for the hard work and allowing me to be a part of an excellent and very professional production.
Once again please spare your thoughts for the family and friends of Suzy Lamplugh as still to this day it is unknown what happned to her and must obviuously be a very distressing time for all those involved no matter how long ago this happened.

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