Kitchen mayhem can only mean one thing – Uncle Joe is back for a one-off special! As some of our regular viewers may think all has been quiet in the world of MCPHONEY PICTURES, well to be honest it hasn’t. As our You Tube subscribers will in no doubt have seen, we have been pushing the boat out with some technology and gadget reviews! But of course we couldn’t resist getting back into the kitchen to create not only a mess but of course a cooking masterpiece! And when we found the recipe for the Pizza Cake, then it was just too much to resist! You may notice in this one-off of Cooking with Uncle Joe that he seems a bit more laid back and not as cockney, well that is indeed because of some of the feedback we received from previous episodes. Some people couldn’t understand him for starters and others said he needed to calm down. See what you think for yourself! In the mean time however get your oven gloves at the ready and prepare for an amazing and new way to have your cake and eat it!



1) Place out your pre-rolled pizza dough and using the bottom of a deep cake tin cut out 5 circles.

2) Place each circle in the oven and bake for 6-8mins at 400f/200c.

3) Line the inside of your cake tin with grease proof paper then with your remaining dough cover the sides up to the top.

4) Once your dough circles are done remove them from the oven and place one in the bottom of your now lined cake tin. (May need to cut circle down to size if expanded in the oven)!

5) Cover over in tomato puree and cheese with toppings of your choice.

6) Place another circle on top and repeat until cake tin is full.

7) Bake for 20-25 mins on 400f/200c!


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