Ok im not going to prison so dont worry. But i really am…or was a murderer. Ok on TV I was portraying a suspected murderer. Yes thats right I was haunting your tv sets once more and this time playing a very large role in the New Series of the popular television programme Crimes That Shook Britain! Now by the time you are reading this the programme will have already aired however do not worry as I shall supply a link to it via Youtube for you all to see! The role itself I was portraying surrounds the unfortunate events around the dissapearence of Estate Agent Suzy Lamplugh back in the early eighties. Now of course because this actually happened I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to the Lamplugh family on their tragic loss and to let them know that I hope one day the true circumstances of what actually happened are brought to light and the guilty party (parties) are convicted.
As for how i became involved in the reconstruction, well it is actually down to a very lucky audition to which I somehow managed to do well in. As for filming that actually happned in Manchester over a period of two days and was a very very enjoyable experience to be a part of. It just such a shame it has to be around very sad events.

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