There is nothing harder than shopping for a new mobile phone. It’s such a big commitment! Plus there are so many factors nowadays to fit in! Does it look nice? Does it feel comfortable? Is it big/small enough? Easy to use And that is just a few of the questions! However help is at hand this month as I take a look at the new flagship mobile smart phone from HTC. The HTC One M8s!


The HTC One M8 has now been superseded by the HTC One M9, but is still available to buy.

htc-one-m8-en-angled-listingThe HTC One M8 was released in March 2014 as HTC’s flagship model, replacing the HTC One. The One M8 has a lot to live up to, taking on the mantle from HTC’s best-selling phone ever, and the 2013 winner of TrustedReviews’ Phone of the Year.
It is now available for £330 SIM-free, significantly reduced from its £530 price at launch, since the launch of the HTC One M9. Although it hasn’t quite had the impact HTC would have liked, the HTC One M8 was undoubtedly one of the best handsets of 2014.
There are some great flagship phones competing for your hard-earned money, with stiff competition coming from the iPhone 6, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the cheaper Google Nexus 5. There’s very little to choose between any of these phones, though the HTC One M8 is superior in a number of departments compared with its main Android rival, the Galaxy S5.
The best bits of the HTC One M8 are its design and battery life – it looks and feels good and can last two days on a single charge if you’re careful. The downside is a gimmicky camera that doesn’t come close to its competitors. Still for £330 it’s a great handset and is well worth considering over its more expensive successor.

Based on one of the most iconic phones of all time, the HTC One M8s comes jam-packed with must-have features: 5” full HD screen, 5MP front camera, 13MP main camera, ample storage, HTC Boomsound™ and Android

Meticulously crafted from a single aluminium block, the HTC One M8s fits perfectly in your hand, making it one of the most comfortable phones to hold. Powered by Android Lollipop and a super-fast Octa-Core processor, you’ll find it to be beautiful on the inside too.

The Motion LaunchTM makes even simple tasks that much easier. Simply lift the phone to your ear to answer a call, access apps with a single swipe or use voice control to dial a friend. Double tap the screen to wake up your phone, so you can check the time, weather or reminders.

Using the HTC One M8s is easier than ever.

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