Just like Sir David Attenborough has, Uncle Joe would like to get back to nature! And hes taking you along for the ride in this weeks episode of Cooking with Uncle Joe he is making the all time favorite Toad in the Hole! No need for any frogs, just your oven gloves! Enjoy!

Ingredients Required for a Toad in the Hole!

8 x Sausages
1 tbsp Sunflower oil
150g Plain Flour
1/2 tsp salt
175ml Semi Skimmed Milk
2 x Eggs


Most importantly the first thing you need to do is bung your oven on to a very, very high heat and let it get nice and hot! Then whilst that heats away get a deep baking tray or oven dish and add a dash of oil. Before adding your sausages and bunging it all in the hot oven.

Whilst they cook away get yourself a large mixing bowl and bung in your flour, Make a little well in the middle and throw in your egg before whisking it for a few minutes! This may be quite difficult at first but dont worry because now its time to add your milk and then carry on whisking!

When your sausages are 2/3 cooked then take them out of the oven and pour over your lovely mixture. Once all your mixture is in place the hole thing back in the oven and wait for the batter to go all lovely and fluffy!

When it has risen and gone golden brown then its time to remove, serve up and enjoy!!

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