So you want to know how to make pancakes? Well its Pancake day, possibly the busiest day of the year in the kitchen? (Except Christmas…and any other cooking day)! However you can still make it a fun occasion no matter what size of your family! And so Uncle Joe is here to show you how to make his simplistic pancakes or as he prefers to call them…Lovely Shroves!! Enjoy!
Ingredients required for home made pancakes!

100g Plain Flour
1 x Egg
280ml Milk
Knob of Butter


First of all grab a large mixing bowl and sieve in your 100g of flour! Then if you wish you can add a pinch of salt! (But thats up to you)! Once your flour is in your bowl, make a little well in the middle and slap your egg right in there! Add your 280ml of milf (half at a time is recommended)! and give it all a jolly good whisk!

Once your batter is made, grab a pan and place a knob of butter in it and allow it to melf. When the pan is red hot and the butter has completed melted slowly pour in your desired quantity of batter/mix and slowly tilt the pan until the bottom is well and truly covered.

After a couple of minutes (or seconds depending on the heat of your pan) its time to get tossing!! So flip your pancake over and let it cook on the other side for a few more seconds/minutes.

When your pancake is ready slip it onto a clean plate and add the topping of your choice!

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