With the season of good will here its time for Uncle Joe to provide you with some festive merriment from his kitchen! So its Christmas and what shall he be cooking to mark the occasion? Of course what better than the tasty favorite of home made mince pies!! Enjoy!
Ingredients Required to make Mince Pies
250g Butter
 350g Plain Flour
100g Caster Sugar
280g MinceMeat
1 x egg
Grab yourselves a large nice and finely slice up your 250g of butter. (it may be best to heat the knife first for easier chopping)!  Once thats done grab a large mixing bowl and bung in your flour! Then add your chopped butter and with your hands or spatula slowly compress it together. 
When it is finally sticking together, slowly add you caster sugar and a pinch of salt (if you want) and then continue compressing it together to create one fat ball of pastry.  When your ball is made give it a knead for a few minutes as this will help it become nice a fluffy when cooked!
So now you have your pastry, get your oven onto a high heat (200 degrees Celsius or gas mark 6) and grab a cake baking tray. Leave the oven to get hot and now take of small balls of pastry (about walnut size) and fill the bottom of each cake holder so it forms the bottom and sides of your mince pies. (Continue until all holes are filled)! But make sure you leave enough pastry for the tops too!
Now grab your mince meat and fill in each pie. But not too much so it burns over! Then with the remaining pastry make your little pie covers/hats and seal around the edge to keep all your mine meat in.  Then lightly beat your egg and brush over the top of each pie. 
Now its time to bung them all into your hot oven for about 20 minutes! Afterwards remove and sprinkle over some lovely icing sugar (optional) then serve and enjoy!!
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