He’s here! We are proud to bring you Episode one of the latest series of Cooking with Uncle Joe! The crazy cockney has been revamped for this second time around so hopefully he will be a lot more pleasant to watch with a lot less strain on the eyes too now with each episode being no longer than approx 5 minutes! This week he is wrapping up some tasty Macaroni cheese so get your apron on and welcome Uncle Joe back into your kitchen! Enjoy!

Ingredients Required to make Macaroni Cheese!

250g Macaroni Pasta

40g Butter

40g Plain Flour

600ml Milk

250g Grated Cheese


First of all grab yourself a large pan and bung in your pasta before finally filling with water. (Just enough to cover the pasta). Then get a slightly bigger pan and add your butter and flour to a medium heat and stir gently! Once the butter and flour have mixed evenly, slowly stir in your milk.

When your pasta is nice and soft take it out the pain and drain it. Getting back to your sauce its time to add about two thirds of your grated cheese and again stir it in gently.  When that is completed get your drain pasta and slowly add it to the sauce and give it a jolly good mix.

Finally get your self a large, deep oven dish and evenly bung in your pasta/sauce before finally sprinkling over the remaining grated cheese. Place the whole lot in a hot oven and let it cook for about 5-10 minutes until the cheese on top has gone nice and crispy! Serve up and enjoy!!!

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