So after the huge positive feedback received from our pilot episode of Cooking with Uncle Joe we are glad to say that he is back once again and this time with his (in)famous home made pizza recipe! So grab your ingredients and follow Uncle Joes simple steps and prepare to be dazzled by this easy recipe for a classic, amazing tasting pizza! Enjoy!

Required Ingredients  For Uncle Joes Home Made Pizza

500g White Bread Flour
1 x Tsp Salt
1 x sachet of Dried Yeast
1 x Tsp Caster Sugar
300ml Luke War Water
1 x Tube of Tomato Puree
Toppings of your choice


Grab yourself a large mixing bowl and pour the flour into it and add 1tsp of salt! In a nice measuring jug get 300ml of luke warm water and add 1 tsp of caster sugar to eat and stir well! Once your stirring is done grab your sachet of yeast and pour that into the mixture and then give it a final good stir before leaving for about 30mins until the yeast has started to froth!
Once your yeast is ready add it to the bowl of Flour and Salt you prepared earlier and give it a jolly good mix! When the mixture has started to hold, roll up your sleeve and get your hands in there to give it a finally good mix together until it all sticks as one lump!
When your lump is created pour some flour onto your work surface and give your mixture a right old kneading! You should start to notice the mixture/dough becoming quite elasticated after a good ten minutes of kneading which means its ready to set!
Now grab yourself a fresh clean mixing bowl and place the dough into it, sprinkle over with flour before covering with a cling film and leaving in a good warm place for it to rise. (Between 10-30mins). Once it has risen then break off a small piece and roll it out flat. – That is your pizza base done!
Grab your tomato puree and pour over generously before adding any toppings of your choice! Wrap a baking tray in tin foil and lightly sprinkle over so olive oil and place your finished creation onto it. Put your oven onto a hot heat around 250 degrees Celsius (gas mark 9) and bung the whole lot in there!
Depending on the size of your pizza and amount of toppings the cooking time will vary so keep a close eye on it! Should be ready in about 10 – 20 minutes! Enjoy!
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