Still getting fed up of the cold winter nights? Well you can rely on Uncle Joe to help warm those taste buds up as this week he is here to give you his famous recipe for home made beef burgers! In just a few mouth watering steps you will wonder why McDonalds was even invented! Enjoy!!

Ingredients Required for Tasty Beef Burgers!

1 x Onion
1 x Pepper
500g Minced Beef
2 x Pieces of Bread
2 x cloves of Garlic
1 x egg
Burger Buns
cheese slices
condiments (sauce, relish, etc)
1 tsp Mustard


First what you need to do is create some bread crumbs. Now you can either blend up the two pieces of bread or do what I do and just roll each piece up and give them a good old grating! Then finely chop up your pepper, onion and garlic and leave them all to one side.

Then grab yourself a large mixing bowl and bung in your minced beef as well as your breadcrumbs, onion, pepper and garlic and then add one tsp of mustard and your egg. Then get your hands in there and mix it all together into one big fat lump!

When you have mixed everything all together its time to break off each burger, flatten it out a bit and place to one side. Repeat this until your mixture is all used up. Then grab yourself a large frying or griddle pan, bung in a very small amount of oil before placing your burgers into it over a medium heat.

Whilst they cook away get your burger buns out and cover in a cheese slice, salad and anything else you wish before going back to check on your burgers. If they look cooked flip them over to allow the other side to cook through as well.

When they are looking tasty and ready to eat, place them onto your burger bun and enjoy!!!

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