So with Uncle Joe back to give you some home cooking tips, this week he is going to show you how to make a simple yet effectively tasty Spanish Omelette! Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Get your pan on and Enjoy!
Ingredients Required to make a Tasty Omelette!
1x Onion
1x Red Pepper
2x Eggs
2x tbsp Milk
Some grated cheese (Optional)
Grab your onion and pepper and chop them both up nice and fine and place to one side. Then grab a mixing bowl and add your eggs and 2tbsp of milk (plus salt and pepper is optional) and give them all a jolly whisk.
Once thats done get a frying pan onto a hot heat and add a dash of oil/butter to evenly coat the bottom of the pan. When its hot enough add your pre-chopped onion and red pepper and let them cook for a couple of minutes.
When they have gone lightly brown add your egg and milk mixture evenly over the pan and leave it for a good 5 minutes until cooked. When it is almost done bung your grill on, sprinkle some cheese over your omelette (still in the pan at this point) and place the lot underneath the grill for just a minute or so. (Keep a close eye on it)!
When the cheese has melted its time to serve up and enjoy!!
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