You’re hungry, you’re starving and pretty much loosing the will to live! Is all lost? Of course not because your favorite cockney is here to sort out your hunger problems! This week he gives us a detailed analysis on what to do when you hear the fateful rumblings of a snack attack! Or to put into layman’s terms – he makes a tasty bacon sandwich! Enjoy!!

Ingredients for a tasty Bacon Sandwhich

2 x pieces of brown/white bread

4 or more rashes of bacon

1/2 clove of garlic

tomato or brown sauce


So first of all get your grill on to a nice medium to hot heat and slap under 4 or more bacon rashes! Then whilst they are cooking away chop up half a clove of garlic and leave it to one side.

Keep an eye on your bacon because once that is almost done (With minutes to spare), its time to throw your toast on!

When your bacon is complete take it out of the oven and wait for your toast to be crispy and brown!

When your toast is finished, spread over some marg or butter and sprinkle over your garlic clove pieces. Then add your bacon before a final big dolop of tomato or brown sauce. Serve up and enjoy!

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