Your alarm goes on and its time to wake up. But you wish it was any other day, ANY other day than today! That’s right you wish this because its Job Interview Day! Well do not fear because to put your mind at ease and help you along the way, here is some topfunny tips on How to be a success in job interviews! To be fair though I wouldn’t advice you using many of them…well some of them…any…But still it should help you to relax as this tips would technically work if the world would allow them too!!
Of course for this video our favourite clone is here once again to help with the moch interviews and of course ask the questions! For those of you wishing to know how this effect is done then keep reading!

It was a simple idea but of course with any idea, nothing runs according to plan! And for this video I had to create a job interview scene without a place that looked like a job interview situation! But at least I had a large desk and they always appear in job interviews! So that was a start. Then after the writing of the script was of course the filming. Now I needed one of me to ask the questions and then a duplicate of me to answer them. Which to be honest is pretty easy now I’ve done it a few times before in previous videos.



And so the process is repeated in this latest vid! I film myself asking the questions in a black suit and then almost time myself in my head for when the reaction would occur after the question has been answered by the duplicate me. (Sounds bizarre I know)




Then I have to film myself in a different suit sitting at the opposite side of the table. But this time I have to time approximately in my head how long to give before I can answer the question. However it is a bit easier this time round because I can take as long as I want before answering the questions and then just edit it down it post production. The once all the questions and answers had been filmed it was just the process of putting the clips together in Adobe After Effects. If only that really was it though. Once all the footage has been lined up you then have to “cut out” each individual me and the feather the mask so then the clips look like they where both filmed at the same time and thus creating the effect of having two of me in the one shot!
Of course if you would like an even more detailed analysis then here is my post from another “clone me” video which gives a bit more detail!

How to Have a Conversation

Oh and by the way, here is some bizarre trivia for you! The pictures in the Youtube Thumbnail are actual pictures when I was trying on suits in a real shop. If you look closly you can still see the tags hanging off them!

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