How to void the carrier bag charge? Impossible? No actually its quite simple! So this week on the Real Mcphoney Blog I take a look at what is happening on the streets since the introduction of the plastic bag charge now being pushed in all supermarkets and large shops on the high street! Now as you may know there has been some up-roarabout it but to be fair I think it is all for a good cause as it is better for the enviroment! Because plastic bags take so long to rot away (many many MANY years) and they are mostly used as rubbish bags once they have returned from carrying your desired shopping. And this is a great way to recycle them, but the landfills unfortunately just dont like them as so the new scheme of charging you for a carrier bag is to hopefully get you to re-use the bag everytime you go shopping! And why not? But if you are still not exactly happy with this and dont want to carry an empty bag with you during your retail theropy then enjoy the video and see how you can avoid this problem!!

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