We return to our faithful kitchen once again, this time with our own original recipe! This episode of Cooking with Uncle Joe however has a few differences that our regular viewers may notice. For example we have dropped the not so popular cockney accent as we received some constructive criticism that viewers couldn’t exactly understand what Uncle Joe was saying! We have also calmed him down slightly so viewers can also briefly understand what exactly is going on! However you will be pleased to know that the video still keeps in context the quirkiness of previous vids as well as the fast editing so you dont have to waste the entire cooking time before you actually make the dish itself!!! And so if you have a family to feed or having a few guests round to watch the match then this Hot Dog and Nacho Lasagne is perfect!



1) Hotdogs (lots)

2) Salsa x 2

3) Tinned Tomatos x 2

4) Nachos

5) Mozzarella Cheese

6) Jalapeno peppers (optional)


First of all place your hotdogs in a pan and warm up. In the meantime place your desired amount of salsa and tinned tomatos into a dish and mix. Once mixed spread a fine layer evenly over the bottom of your oven proof serving dish and then add a layer of hotdog sausages once they are cooked. Place another layer of salsa/tomato over the hotdogs before adding a layer of nachos and finally topping off with a layer of cheese. Then repeat this process until your dish is well and truly full! Once done place in the oven on a medium heat until the cheese is melted on top.


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