Looking forward to Halloween this year? Well you should be as our brand new film is being released on 31st October 2014 so get penning it in your diary! Its been a wee while since our last film update but we are finally glad to say we think its should be worth the wait! This new production fresh from the shelves of MCPHONEY PICTURES will be slightly longer than our usual shorts and as you may have guessed we have gone for more of a horror motive this time around! We warn you however – dont expect a blood and gore over kill that you find in today’s usual horror flicks – this is a creepy one…about a sock! Bizarre yes we know but we think it works and the test audiences appear to like it so hopefully you will too!! In the mean time however, (as we know you are already gasping to see the full feature)! here is a little teaser trailer to wet your appetites! ENJOY!! (Dont forget to like us on Facebook (Link here) and of course follow us on Twitter (link here) so you dont miss out on any exclusive updates)!!

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  • Seriously looking forward to seeing this, more creative and inventive genius from Mcphoney Pictures! Looks very unnerving and dripping with atmosphere – some great photography/use of lighting and shadows and some great close up angles!

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