Happy Halloween folks! And boy do we have a sinister treat in store for you today! Well as you may have noticed from a few certain tweets on Twitter and of course the odd trailer and poster appearing on Facebook we have been working very hard on our latest MCPHONEY Production entitled Attack of The Killer Sock. This is slightly longer than our previous shorts coming in at a whopping 29 minutes. But we are hoping that they will be 29 minutes of chilling terror! Chilling terror? Yes you did hear us correctly, we have stepped away from our usual comedy motif and have gone for something slightly darker in time for Halloween and of course to make sure you never look at a sock in the same light again! The film has been written, directed, edited and stars Alexander Williams. We hope you enjoy it! Coming soon we will be providing you with a full “making of” documentary to accompany the film and of course answer all your questions in how the production came together! In the mean time however, turn off the lights, sit back and enjoy the film! Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below or on our YouTube channel!!

Attack of the Killer Sock Official Poster

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