Alexander Williams

Alexander Williams was born in the early 1980’s however some people have been known to suspect that it was actually at some point during the 1960’s. After continuously ‘borrowing’ his step-mothers camcorder and returning it before she got home from work, small, notorious films began to appear on VHS. After initially being caught with the camera and facing a life time  pocket money ban, Alexander decided the only way to continue making films was through the purchase of his own camera. And so he did! A cine camera purchased at a small car boot sale somewhere in the lower parts of Liverpool. Unfortunately this did not help, it made matters worse in the way of  moving forward with productions having to pay £30 per roll of film which  would only have a maximum recording time of three minutes. As well as a 3 week wait for the film to be developed, in most cases any production went way over budget and after  development most films came back looking like a documentary about the inside of bin bags. (A lot of blackness). Five years later and the adventure continued with his purchase of a camcorder! This time sticking with the highly popular, standard VHS-C recording capability. 12 months later VHS-C cameras and tapes became obsolete. In 2006 University beckoned and Alexander Williams joined. Here he was able to gain access to a whole array of professional cameras and equipment. Unfortunately, he didnt learn much. Luckily with the small number of cells in his brain (and thanks to a certain world wide web) Alexander was able to teach himself a few techniques and unleash his passion for film making onto the unfortunate and unsuspecting general public.