Well who would have thought it eh? 1000 subscribers!! WE HAVE DONE IT! Yes I did say “we” even though there is only me here, however I am here at this goal because of you! Yes you! Without you wonderful subscribers then this video, this milestone would not have been possible so honestly thankyou! I never expected to get here and to be honest I still can’t believe I have! What an achievement! Its FANTASTIC!! Now as it comes to celebration….I didn’t really have anything planned! I just didnt expect to get this far you see!! I thought about quickly making some video of me dancing but that probably wouldn’t have gone down to well…and you definitely would have unsubscribed!!! However I have managed to put together a jolly little montage of our journey, yes “our” journey as we hit the 1000 subscriber bar line! So apologies it isn’t something better but hopefully you will enjoy it! And here’s to the next 1000 subscribers!! (I wish)!
Seriously though… THANK YOU!!!

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